First flying in 1953, the Mooney M20 is the most successful design by Al Mooney, and still manufactured to this day.

After 10 years of production the Mooney M20 evolved from its initial form to have a longer fuselage as the Mooney M20F, the first of three models all utilising the 4 cylinder Lycoming IO-360, which culminated in the M20J, of which 1634 were produced between 1976 and 1987. Subsequent models feature a further extended fuselage and 6 cylinder engines, some with turbochargers – including a Porsche engined variant.

A 4 seat aircraft with retractable undercarriage, the Mooney M20J combines a 160kt cruise speed with reasonable economy, making it a popular choice for private pilots looking for a complex single engined aeroplane. The Mooney features a distinctive ‘vertical’ tail – in fact, this is an all moving structure which can be trimmed at varying angles. It is also noted for the exceptional speed at which the undercarriage retracts and deploys.

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