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In house 3D printing

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Bespoke aircraft designs

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High quality items

From concept to creation

Civil model aircraft kits in 1:72 – digital design and 3d printing

About me

Hi, my name’s Harry and welcome to my site!

I’m a 3D aircraft modeller. I’ve built many a model kit in my time, and still do when time allows, however many is the time I have looked up to the sky as an aeroplane flew overhead, and though “I wonder if I can get a kit of that?” The answer I have found, unless it happened to be a warbird, is almost certainly no.

For decades commercial model kit companies have failed to offer kits of even relatively common civilian or general aviation types. Are they boring? No! Are they difficult to build? Not particularly. It genuinely mystifies me.

The advent of affordable CAD software and 3D printing changes all that. I love model kits, I love tech, and I love aeroplanes, so for me it made perfect sense to segue into designing my own kits. 

You can read quite a bit more about what I do in here:

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