Penned by aircraft designer Al Meyers, the Meyers 200 emerged in 1955 as a fast 4 seat aircraft with retractable undercarriage, a development of the earlier MAC 145.

The Meyers Aircraft Corporation built the aircraft on a very small scale from 1955-1966, with some 45 aircraft emerging from the factory in Tecumseh, Michigan, apparently largely built to order. Wishing to enter the light aircraft market, Rockwell bought the rights to Meyers’ designs, and began manufacturing the 200D, the ultimate development of the 200, as the Aero Commander 200. However, Rockwell found manufacture of the 200 to be uneconomic, and wound up production in 1968 after only 76 units had been produced.

Consequently something of a rarity, the Meyers 200 is nonetheless a remarkable aeroplane, holding several records, including fastest normally aspirated 4 seat production piston aircraft. It is also notable for its extremely strong molybdenum steel frame, with no records of in-flight structural failure and no airworthiness directives ever having been issued.

Despite its obscurity, the Meyers 200 can claim a credit in the James Bond film “You Only Live Twice”, where Sean Connery escapes the clutches of Helga Brandt, seemingly at the expense of the aircraft. Luckily however the real airframe, s/n 308, survived, and is flying today in South Africa.

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