Looking very much like a baby brother to the ubiquitous Cessna 172, the Cessna 152 is in fact an incremental development of the Cessna 150, which it succeeded in 1977. The 150 had evolved over a production life in parallel to the 172, acquiring many of the same features such as a rear window, a swept tail and tubular steel landing gear. The 152 was essentially the same airframe but acquired a Lycoming O-235 in place of the 150’s O-200.

The 152 is a 2 seat machine of 110hp, primarily designed as a training and recreational aircraft. Performance is modest, with 90-100 knots a typical cruise speed, and sensitivities to crosswinds are apparent, a useful trait for a trainer. Controls are light, and like its elder sibling handling it is highly docile.

The form of the Cessna 152 remained very consistent through its 8 year production life. The A152 Aerobat joined the range and was mainly distinguished by its skylight windows. The 152 was also produced under license by Reims Aviation of France as the F152. Aftermarket additions are common, such as drooped wingtips and bubble windshields, however externally most 152s are very similar.

Production of the 152 ceased in 1985 along with all of Cessna’s piston aircraft. A significant proportion of the 7584 produced remain flying, a testament to the soundness of the design and a possible reason why Cessna’s intended replacement, the 162 Skycatcher, failed to capture the market in the late 2000s.

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